A cultural discovering tour with food and wine experiences in South Tuscany with a responsible approach

Have you already heard talking about “Over tourism”?

Responsible and sustainable travel wants to avoid the negative effects of travelling. How is it possible ?

If we want to be more responsible and act in a more sustainable way when planning a trip we should consider the impact of our actions on the local community and on the environment.

It's not just a fashion but it's a life style we can follow doing some simple things.

We can describe responsible travel with few simple actions:

  • Meet local people and support the local economy preferring local accommodations to international hotels chains
  • Avoid the pick season, travel during the middle or low seasons, it’s cheaper and you can better enjoy the destination
  • Use local public transport (train or bus) or share the transport with other people
  • Look for an authentical experience with the local community
  • Discover organic small farmers and enjoy the local products
  • Slow travel: Take your time to discover the places you are visiting, the quality is more important than the quantity
  • Respect the environment 


If you wish to discover the Orcia Valley, Unesco World Heritage since 2004, in a sustainable and responsible way,  I've a designed a tour adapted to small groups and individuals. 

Do you want to try a new experience ?


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